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Individual Therapy

One to one counselling can empower you to make it through some challenging life hurdles in the knowledge that you are not alone. It can offer an important lifeline and can change lives for the better. It may not be able to control what is happening but it can refocus your thoughts on how to respond to distress.

Experience means I approach every client as unique in their personality and needs. I work in an informal, warm, supportive and open way ensuring your voice is always heard and respected. The aim being that you come to understand yourself, your needs, conflicts, anxieties, defences and relationship problems on a much deeper level. This will enable you to bring a greater satisfaction and stability to your life.

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Couples Counselling

With couples, I aim to facilitate an understanding of the conflicts that have arisen and will explore what your hopes are from the counselling process. Whether you want to understand your partner better, express anger safely, be more equipped to use your voice and ask for what you need or to hear what may be going on for your partner, it can be helpful to clear the air and to identify what is causing the relationship difficulties. Some couples will have different views and answers to these questions, so honesty can be an important part of the process.

Separate individual sessions can be arranged if this is deemed helpful and these can be useful to understand where some of the issues may have originated from. Sessions are offered in blocks with the option of ad-hoc sessions to check in after the main period of counselling has ended. Couples may be asked to put into practice techniques between sessions.

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Outdoor Therapy - Nature as Co-Therapist

Being outdoors in a natural space can be very calming and has a positive effect on our mental well-being. A popular and important aspect of my work entails harnessing the beauty of nature and working therapeutically with clients in the outdoors can be immensely freeing and powerful.

I work with clients in and around the countryside of North Hampshire . This therapy can have significant health benefits and can enhance a client's mental well-being by enjoying the freedom and beauty of being outdoors whilst having the opportunity to make some sense of life's problems alongside your own personal therapist and counsellor.

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How do the outdoor sessions work?

I will always discuss first with you to agree on what is manageable. Sessions will be a mixture of walking and talking or may be more focused and we will pause for a while in a particular spot. Sessions can also be conducted sitting in one place. It is not necessary for you to be fit to work therapeutically outdoors.

The process of confidentiality will still apply and as much as possible, a space free from distraction will be selected. Our contract will be explored together with the aim of making sure that you are comfortable with every aspect of the process. Switching to therapy indoors is also possible in the event of bad weather, for example, but this will incur a higher fee. For further information please contact me.

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Choice of Outdoor Settings

There are a variety of settings we can work in, including woodlands, forests, canal and river paths, open meadows and moorlands. Being outdoors is not a test of fitness, the focus is about connecting with nature and we will negotiate together what terrain you prefer.

I usually work in and around the surrounding area of Hook and Rotherwick where there is an abundance of green open spaces, but I also can work further afield. Contact me for further information.

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Home Visits

I offer home visits for those clients who have anxieties about leaving their homes, perhaps they don't drive or find it difficult to travel by public transport. Confidentiality is always adhered to and I ensure that we contract carefully to ensure that you make as much use from the sessions as possible. Contact me for further information. Back to the top.

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